Losing weight in just 15 days is not impossible. It is all about regulating your meals appropriately. It requires healthy eating, regular exercise, and avoidance of junk and fatty foods. It requires a commitment to living a healthy lifestyle. “How to decrease weight in 15 days?” may sound a little silly question at first, but the good news is that it is not a myth but a reality. It just requires that you eat healthily, live a healthy life and avoid all kinds of crash diet routines. Crash diet may give you rapid results, but in long-term, are detrimental to your health.

Following things should be kept in mind when you start your 15 days weight loss program.


Begin your day with drinking a glass a warm water. You can add a tablespoon of honey along with a tablespoon of lemon juice.

This small recipe is the key to start your weight loss, taken from The high temperature of the water helps to boost up your metabolic rate which further helps in burning calories and decreasing fats from your body. While the honey is very beneficial in providing you with the necessary energy to the body and brain so you can start your day. Honey consists of very little fats so it will boost you up with energy but it makes you fat. On the other hand, lemon being rich in Vitamin C helps in the metabolism of the fats and reduces fats.


It is very necessary that you discard junk food from your home and as well as your life. Junk food and processed food are high in fats and fructose. Fructose in body makes the body to absorb all the calories and retain it. The soft drinks should be avoided as much as they can be. Soft drinks can be very harmful as they exhaust all calcium and magnesium from the body, both of which are very important in maintaining a fit and healthy body.


Include only healthy fats in your diet the unsaturated fats are very beneficial for the body. They have very low cholesterol content. And also they are very helpful in reducing unnecessary hunger pangs which lead you to do unnecessary snacking. Unsaturated fats are found in nuts, fish, olive oil, almonds, coconuts and much more.


Plan your meals in such a way that your last meal of the day is eaten by 7 pm. According to a study your metabolism lowers after 7 pm so if you do not take any meal after 7 pm, the chances of you gaining weight decreases. Also, it cuts down the chances of midnight snacking, which most people do. So if you have taken your dinner by 7 pm, your natural instinct would be to go to bed early as well this will help you to regulate a healthy lifestyle and help you lose weight.


Exercising daily is the main thing in losing weight. Daily do some workouts such as walking, running, cycling, swimming or skipping rope. This will help you to lose fat, burn the excessive calories and tone the shape of your body. Make sure you are eating a healthy diet so that it can supply you with sufficient energy for the workout. This will make you physically fit and help you lose weight.

This is the perfect and a very healthy guide to ” how to decrease weight in 15 days”. This will keep you physically fit and also very smart.