A Beginner’s Guide to Writing an Effective Essay Paper

rushpaper.comWriting an essay is considered to be the most common type of writing that is not only used in your high school days but your professional career as well. In your professional life writing may change its name from writing an essay to writing a press release or an email to a corporate client, but the essence of writing remains same. The formatting and words used in an essay writing applies to most other types of writing in corporate world. Although few formats differ from each other, a person who is fluent in writing an essay may quickly understand, learn and start writing in any other formatting that may be different in structure. Most students tend to go for research papers for sale online that is a short cut on getting good grades in your high school or college. Even if you tend to do so, always have an understanding about your paper by reviewing it carefully.

Choosing a topic:

Before you start writing, the first thing to do is to decide the topic of interest. In your high school, the topic may be provided by your teacher with a list of topics to choose from. If not provided, you will have to develop one yourself that is an easy task if you are an internet surfer. Either given by teacher or your own developed idea, make sure the topic you choose has information and sources to be cited. No topic is too hard in high school days, as you would not be asked to write about rocket science, would you?

In your professional life, the topic may be similar to what used before.

If you decide or given an option to choose a topic of interest by yourself, always avoid going for debatable and controversial topics as there is no amount of justification that can be provided to support your argument. Even if you have solid research and understanding about the topic, you will find it very difficult to combine all your evidence in a 1000 word essay. A topic should be neat and clean while enticing the reader to continue reading your work. If you want to create interesting topics that appeal to your targeted audience, you can use a tool name Aminstitute.com that is a free online tool to create and analyze headings.

Developing a thesis statement:

The second most important step in writing an effective paper is to create a clear thesis statement. A thesis statement informs the reader about the paper by defining the purpose of your essay, research paper or any other form of academic writing.

Developing a concise Outline:

An outline is a part of your paper that allows the reader to get a bird’s eye view of your work. An outline contains short summary of the previous work done on your topic plus an overview of your paper and the issues you wish to address.

For your understanding, an outline for this article would be that we are trying to address on how to write an effective essay, the target audience that will read this paper (mostly students) and how it can help students get better grades if they implement the points mentioned.


The third step is to write an introduction about your paper that includes the introduction of topic, previous research or studies made and their results. It also includes an insight about your paper. Make sure your introduction is kept within the word limit. Do not drag the introduction by providing too much information. If you need to provide evidence or supporting arguments about your topic, you will need to do so in next section.

Evidence and arguments:

An argument without an evidence will lead to an F grade in your paper. No matter how much experience you have, you have to support your point of view with previous studies done on similar topics. It is important to mention both sides of the argument while concluding with stronger arguments on the side you prefer. To make your research look unbiased it is also advised to add both positive and negative arguments for your hypothesis.

The reader will than analyze all your points and make conclusion on himself based on the facts mentioned in the body.


Concluding your article is as important as providing support arguments for your hypothesis. An unclear or short conclusion can leave a reader stand on both sides, that can result in failed delivery of your message.

Conclusion is like a bond that glues your paper together by summarizing main points, arguments and evidence. It should also include your opinions and any kind of future research that should be conducted related to your topic and hypothesis.

Although essay writing is considered the lowest form of writing, compared to research and dissertation writing, it is the foundation of writing quality content. We hope following these suggestions, help you complete your essay with no problems.