6 Reasons how Whey Protein can benefit you.

Whey protein, mostly considered as a waste of money for some individuals who have not used it, is a protein powder more pure than you eat in your junk food. Protein is not just a fuel for your body but it is something that energizes you by repairing and muscle or tissue damage in your body. The lethargic feeling you may get after a long day occurs due to damaged body tissues and muscles.

Whey protein price in pakistanFor fitness freaks living in Pakistan who work out on a daily basis eat healthy food but still not seeing any results may lack whey protein in their diet. Being able to perform better in gym and track is not the only reason to add whey protein in your diet. For Pakistanis, there are many options to get Whey Protein, such as search for Whey Protein price in Pakistan and finding a number of whey products to choose from.

Following are some benefits of taking protein on a daily basis:

Preserve muscle and loose fat at the same time:

Workouts do not only burn fat but also may burn muscles attached to fat if proper diet is not maintained. By adding whey protein in your diet, it can greatly increase the amount of fat you lose while maintaining your body muscle mass. As whey acts quickly consuming it right after workouts, fuel your muscles and hence prevent them from breaking down. Consuming whey protein right after workouts also improves and helps muscle growth which then can help in turning fat into muscle mass.


Increase strength and size

If you go for regular workouts, you must know how difficult it is to gain muscle strength and size. It require resistance training, tight schedule and a proper diet plan. How can Whey protein help you achieve this? According to a research conducted in Baylor University in Texas, 19 men who did regular workouts were given 14gms of whey protein along with 6gms of amino acids. On the other hand other group was given 20 gram placebo. The results were outstanding. The group who took whey protein and amino acids had dramatic increase in lean muscle mass and strength compared to the placebo.


Help reduce craving and hunger

It is a common to be hungry all the time when you take part in resistance training or heavy workouts. Whey protein can not only surpass hunger but is also a viable option to take when you are being hungry for no reason. At least the clean whey protein would not build up fat in your body.

Plus, a research conducted in Australia conducted a research on 4 obese individuals that were separated by 2, 2 each. 2 were given beverage that contained whey while others were given a placebo. The results? The individuals who were given Whey had reduced levels of ghrelin that is a hormone that triggers the feeling of being hungry.


Whey protein helps fight cancer

Okay so this might be a little too much to digest but this is true. According to some studies, whey protein can in some way help protect some forms of cancer that include colon and prostrate. Even if you are not including an exercise regime in your life, it is better to take whey protein if your family has history of cancer patients.


Helps cope up with stress

For bodybuilders, stress occurs when their body and mind goes through extreme conditions. Including whey in your diet can improve your muscle breakdown and help you cope up with stress. According to few research, adding whey protein in your diet can help lower symptoms of depression and stress. The change occurs due to changes in level of serotonin that is present in brain. Whey helps keep the balance so it is better to drink a whey protein shake rather than a bottle of whisky.


Improved immune system

According to a research conducted in university of Alberta, they found that those who participate in healthy activities like workouts or other outdoor programs, combined with whey protein, experienced lower glutathione levels that helps keeps your immune system strong and active against any illness.